*All studies are digital unless otherwise noted.


How can I access the lessons?
For your convenience, lessons can be purchased in four different ways. They are available individually, bundled monthly (four lessons), and bundled seasonally (12 lessons). The studies are also available with a monthly eBox subscription that includes a bundle of four lessons along with extra resources that go with the bundle from @chickieandroo and @stephhathawaydesigns. All resources are downloadable PDFs. Therefore, all sales are final. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out via email. 

What is the subscription? 
We call the subscription our eBox because it is eco-friendly and delivered to your email each month. Your nature study subscription gives you four new nature studies each month, delivered right to your inbox on the first day of the month. Along with your nature studies, you will receive a thoughtfully designed unit study guide from @stephhathawaydesigns and a prep pack of amazing resources from @chickieandroo to get you started. These "extras" are only available with the eBoxes.

How do I manage my subscription? 
As a customer, you can create a Firefly account, so you have access to view your past purchases and your subscription information. You can create an account here and then login to manage your subscription. 


Can I use Firefly in my classroom?
Yes! Although they are written from a homeschooling perspective, most of the lessons will work in a class setting and would be great for science lessons as well as for field trips and outdoor classrooms. Please contact me laura@fireflynatureschool.com to discuss options for classroom, co-op and group use. 

What ages are the lessons for?
The short answer is ALL AGES. Lessons are created to be adaptable for different age and ability levels. My older kids are three years apart, but they are both able to do the same lessons at different levels, with differing amounts of support from me.

We live in the city. Will this work for us?
Yes! You can find nature in your own yard, a park, a nature center, or a natural area nearby. Nature schooling is about connecting with nature however you can.

What do we need to get started with nature schooling?
One of the great things about nature schooling is that you don’t need much to get started. Just taking your kids outside is the first step. Eventually, you may want to make a little kit that goes with you. Our nature schooling kit that my kids put together includes a small backpack, compass, binoculars (kids size), magnifying glass, field microscope, notebook, pencil, flashlight and tape measure.