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Summer S2 Seasonal Bundle

Summer S2 Seasonal Bundle

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All twelve lessons from the entire 2nd Summer Series! Each nature study includes a list of skills practiced, supplies needed, background information, activity, review questions, and lesson extension. Depending on the topic, some studies include additional resources like diagrams, learning cards, maps, etc. 

This bundle includes:

- The Making of Soil - Lesson Eighty-Five
- Sorting Soil - Lesson Eighty-Six
- Digging Deep - Lesson Eighty-Seven
- Life in the Soil - Lesson Eighty-Eight
- Sandy Shores - Lesson Eighty-Nine
- What's Up Dune? - Lesson Ninety
- Ocean Motion - Lesson Ninety-One
- Between the Tides - Lesson Ninety-Two
- Need for Speed - Lesson Ninety-Three
- Resistance - Lesson Ninety-Four
- Up and Away - Lesson Ninety-Five
- Hot Topic - Lesson Ninety-Six

All lessons are packaged into a single PDF download.